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Welcome to Absolute Carbon

Absolute Carbon, your partner in composite component manufacture. Backed by the world’s leading material supplier for Formula 1. We are with you through every step of the process from design concept through to production.


Absolute Carbon is well known in the industry for carbon fiber product design and manufacturing. Utilising Formula 1 and aerospace grade materials and resin systems, the quality of your product is assured. Our equipment is sourced from Europe’s finest manufacturers and is to Formula 1 specifications, as a minimum, including aerospace specification autoclaves and highly accurate, computer controlled curing ovens to ensure minimum distortion and pin hole free finishes. With our highly trained staff Absolute Carbon is able to provide exceptional craftsmanship skills, offering clients bespoke precise and unique quality carbon fiber products. We only manufacture utlising pre-impregnated Carbon and Glassfibre materials to ensure consistency in production, structural strength and extreme lightness and, where required, a perfect visual quality in your finished product.

04Our lean manufacturing systems means that we are able to ensure high quality at low costs. Absolute Carbon are currently supplying to many of the world’s most renowned carbon fiber retailers including automotive, robotics, engineering, fashion, communications, marine, defence, and modelmaking.

Our advanced technology facility means we are able to provide for all your composite needs. What we offer at Absolute Carbon is a full design service, pattern or CAD mould production, 100% satisfaction guarantee, advance resin systems to meet any application, small to large batch production, and a rapid transition from design concept to production. Our facilities include autoclave, oven, pneumatic airtools, laminating department, CNC machines, composite mould and aluminium mould making processes.



Our number one aim is to delight our customers and provide added value. Not only in providing you with a finished product that fully meets, or exceeds, your specification and expectation, but in all of your dealings with us: from initial enquiry through to final delivery and beyond.

We keep our costs to the absolute minimum by employing lean manufacturing techniques from the outset to provide you with the maximum margin for your products.

Proactive, reactive, forward thinking and innovative, Absolute Carbon are with you every step of the way.

If you have any question regarding our services or need a custom service, please do not hesitate to contact us.